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Nelson Land Management was founded in 2011 primarily as a contracting firm consisting of the owner and a limited set of equipment. In the following five years we have carefully selected several qualified technicians, an Illinois certified forestry consultant, and equipment necessary to take on larger restoration projects.


We have quickly developed a reputation for assisting... corporate and private clients with services considered rare outside of major metropolitan areas. Our specialties include combining vegetation management and other ‘physical’ services with the education and experience of qualified, scientifically trained, staff to provide turn-key solutions to complex ecological problems. Forestry management planning paired with forestry contracting provides our clients confidence in knowing the right practices are being implemented and that they are based on accepted scientific principles. Ecological recommendations are backed by staff who trained in the wetland-rich areas of southern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. This experience provides our clients the confidence that our plant selections and management decisions come from a place of knowledge of what works in these, rare and sometimes difficult to manage, islands of biodiversity.


If we are known as experts in managing any ecosystem it would be that of dry upland prairies and savannas within the hill prairie complex of Central Illinois. Nelson Land Management has the confidence of Illinois Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service that work in these sensitive areas will be done with a light footprint and in a way that benefits the rare flora and fauna of these important ecological areas.

When working with other consulting entities, Nelson Land Management prides itself on professional working relationships which come together in service of our shared clients. Nature is constantly teaching us what we do not know, and that we can learn from the experiences of others in our field.


Core Services:



  • Vegetation Management

    • Forestry Mulching

    • Timber Stand Improvement (chainsaw tree/brush removal)

    • Invasive Species Removal (chainsaw and selective herbicide applications)

    • Site Prep (broadcast herbicide applications)

    • Prescribed Burning

  • Conservation and Estate Tree Establishment

  • Prairie Establishment



  • Forestry Management Planning (Forestry Development Act)

  • Ecological Management Planning (Conservation Stewardship Program)

  • Prescribed Burn Plans (Natural Resources Conservation Service & IL EPA permits)

  • Compliance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for construction activities

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